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A Look Behind the Scenes

If there is one thing that every person working in the wedding industry can agree upon it is the value of being prepared. It is the first thing that you can control and perhaps the most vital component that will ultimately determine whether or not a wedding is a success. 

At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we take pride in preparing for every aspect of the wedding experience for both the wedding party and their guests. This is never more apparent than for a recent wedding held at The luxurious Sentinel Hotel in downtown Portland. The happy couple, Alex and Nikki, enlisted our DJ and lighting services to take their special day to the next level. As you can see in the video to follow, a great deal of care was taken to make sure that we deliver on our promise to always provide the best interactive audio, visual, and entertainment experience for our clients.

In this article, I will take you through each of the stages of preparation and give you a peek behind the curtain, so to speak, at all that was involved in making this such an awesome event to be a part of.

Audio Setup

When considering the audio setup for this wedding, it was critical to make sure that the sound was able to reach the back of the room, while also keeping the wedding party comfortable with the volume levels at the front of the room.

Having the right subwoofer enables us to maintain the clarity of the audio at higher volumes as the lower frequency range of each of the supporting speakers is channeled directly into the subwoofer, thus freeing the supporting speakers staged around the room to concentrate on the remaining sound frequencies. This helps create an immersive audio experience for each of the guests that’s unparalleled.

Next, we move onto our microphones. Eluding back to the idea of preparation, we make sure to run each wireless microphone through our DDJ but also through our mixing console. This way we can ensure that if, worst-case scenario, one of these pieces of equipment fails we have a backup. This guarantees an event for the bride and groom that is worry-free when it comes to potential technical problems.

Finally, we are meticulous when it comes to concealing the wires and accessories we use as part of our DJ platform and equipment. Having a custom-made skirt over the DJ table and cords long enough to reach the floor, prevents unsightly clutter that would be a nuisance to guests as it would need to be run under tables and chairs, increasing the risk of falls. We also use a wireless system for all of our speakers, which again limits distracting cords that would otherwise need to run the full length of the room in order to work.

Being able to control each of these speakers individually allows us to customize the sound so that it is concentrated at the dance floor, while simultaneously reducing the volume at the back of the room, thus allowing guests to converse comfortably at the back of the room.


In order to showcase the wedding party, we decided to use our wireless gold uplights. Placed strategically behind the wedding party, the uplights beautifully illuminate the curtained backdrop drawing attention to the front of the room where the wedding party was seated.

When used correctly, uplighting provides a uniquely beautiful contrast to a room’s normal lighting setup. Care was taken to make sure that the uplighting used didn’t distract from the celebration. I think you will agree that the overall effect the uplighting brought to the ballroom was the perfect accent and a welcome upgrade to the room’s normal lighting.

Vendor Communication and Mic'ing

One of the most understated elements of being a wedding DJ is how to effectively communicate with other vendors working the event. We are always very conscientious of the wedding planner’s overall vision for the event and timeline. Having worked in the industry for years, we have cultivated professional relationships with most of the planners working in our area and have a very good understanding of the important nuances that each brings to their wedding events. This allows us to act as a support mechanism driving their vision through to fruition.

In that same vein, making sure to provide concise instruction to the officiate and the couple as to how the wireless mics will be installed and used will put everyone at ease knowing exactly how the equipment will be used and when. This is again where experience makes all the difference. Understanding how the audio will be transmitted and picked up by the mics is of the utmost importance in guaranteeing that the vows will be heard clearly by all of the wedding guests.

Reflections and Looking Forward

What a perfect way to bring the wedding season to a close. Nikki and Alex’s wedding was one for the ages. The ceremony and reception were at the same time beautiful, exciting, and captivating. I feel truly honored to have been a crucial part of such a special day for a wonderful couple. This wedding is the perfect example of when preparation meets planning flawlessly. All of the hard work that went into creating this event was captured in the faces of all the friends and family that attended.

In closing, it has been an awesome 2018 for the DJ Cutt Entertainment Group and if this year is any indication, 2019 will be even better!

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