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Does My Wedding Ceremony Need A Microphone

Does My Wedding Ceremony Need A Microphone

When it comes to planning a wedding, microphones are probably very low on your priority list. But no matter where your wedding is, whether indoors or outdoors, you’re going to need some kind of sound system to make sure that your guests can hear you and the officiant and anyone else who will be participating in the ceremony. That’s why you should work with a wedding DJ who does more than just play music.

There are two main factors that must be considered when setting up your sound system, the location and the number of guests. We’ll be looking at both of these elements and more so that you have a good idea of what goes into ensuring quality audio during your ceremony.

Location matters for your audio set up

When deciding on what kind of mics and amplification you need, the first thing an AV person will need to know is where the ceremony is taking place. If it’s inside a church, you may be tempted to assume you won’t need any sound gear, either because the church will already have a system installed or has natural acoustics that make a microphone unnecessary. But the church system is usually a microphone at a lectern, where it won’t do you much good during your wedding.

Other indoor locations are likely to suffer from the same problem. Before booking a place, it’s always wise to enquire about what kind of sound system they have already and whether it will be adequate for your needs. If not, work with your wedding DJ to get all the sound equipment you need.

For outdoor spots, whether it’s a quiet forest, a backyard, a beach, a barn, or anywhere else, you’ll almost certainly need to bring your own microphones. No matter how quiet you think it is, once the location is filled with people, it will suddenly become much harder to hear.

Whether indoors or out, consider everyone who will be speaking during the ceremony. This will include not just the bride and groom and officiant, but also anyone who might be performing a song, reading a poem or scripture, or making any other remarks. You’ll need to plan a sound option that will cover all of them.


Make sure even your guests at the back can hear

The number of guests is also a critical factor in the type of sound system you’ll need. Without one, it’s likely that even people four or five rows back won’t be able to hear everything, and the back row will probably be left out completely. There’s nothing worse than your guests turning to each other during the ceremony wondering what was just said.

You might think your guest list is small at 75, but that’s a large crowd when it comes to sound. If you don’t want to shout during the ceremony so everyone can hear, make sure you have an adequate sound set up with enough mics.


What kind of sound gear does a wedding ceremony need?

At DJ Cutt entertainment, we know how important audio is. First of all, when we set up the sound for your wedding ceremony and reception, we will always have two completely separate set ups for each. That way you’ll have a smooth transition from one to the next.

For the ceremony itself, you’ll need some entrance and exit music, as well as mics for the participants. It’s important that these be wireless microphones and lapels mics, so there’s no cables getting dragged around as the bride and groom enter and leave.

Other equipment that we’ll provide includes a mixing board and speakers. Since we also offer video services as well, you can rest easy knowing that your wedding video will have great sound. With DJ Cutt entertainment, you can be sure that all of your sound needs will be met.

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Why Are These Events Part Of A Traditional Wedding Reception

Does My Wedding Ceremony Need A Microphone

Wedding traditions happen for a reason. While many couples are tempted to do away with particular customs when they are planning their wedding reception, they often find that changing things up just to be different can be a mistake. That’s why it makes sense to understand the reasons behind some of these traditions before doing away with them all together.

The Cocktail Hour


Following the ceremony and prior to the dinner reception, there will normally be what is known as a cocktail hour. While it might be tempting to do away with this tradition, it actually exists for a very good reason. Typically, right after the wedding ceremony has taken place, this is when the bride and groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and their families will get their pictures taken.


This important event can’t happen before the ceremony, because it’s considered bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the bride walks down the aisle. And if you wait too long, it will be impossible to get all these people together in one location. Many people will want to change out of their formal clothes as well.


The cocktail hour is the perfect way to keep your guests entertained while the pictures are being taken. It also allows time for a change of venue, if the reception and the ceremony are in two different places. A DJ will be able to play upbeat background music for the guests while they mingle, snack on appetizers, and refresh themselves at the bar.

The Bride And Groom’s Grand Entrance

Another reason to have the cocktail party is it helps facilitate the grand entrance. The grand entrance takes place through a designated door for the bride and groom to walk through as they are announced and introduced as husband and wife for the first time. You’ll want to coordinate with your DJ or AV person to make sure you have someone ready to make the announcement at the right time.

The DJ or MC will formally introduce wedding party members during the grand entrance. This can include the parents of the newlyweds, the grandparents, flower girl(s), ring bearer(s), ushers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and, last but not least, the bride and groom.


The Reception Dinner

Your food selection and timing are essential considerations for your wedding day. And it’s not just a consideration for your many guests. They may have had an opportunity to graze on appetizers while drinking cocktails during the cocktail hour, but the bride & groom and the entire wedding party may not have eaten for several hours.

Providing a schedule to your entertainer beforehand can help facilitate the process. You should also direct when you want the venue to begin serving dinner to the reception guests and bridal party. Venues take great pride in their food preparation and friendly service during receptions.

Keep in mind a reception dinner lasts about 60 minutes. As newlyweds, take your time eating and socializing. You are the primary focus for friends and family approaching you for pictures, hugs, and a lot of congratulations. To preserve energy to handle the next 4-5 hours of mingling, eat!!


The Wedding Toasts

After dinner is over, the DJ will announce the beginning of wedding toasts. Grab those drinks! This is an important tradition, and you’ll want to put some thought into where and when this will occur, and what kind of sound equipment you need to ensure all your guests can hear. While it’s not always the case, generally it will be smart to do the toasts while most of your guests are still seated for dinner.

The best man and maid/matron of honor will each toast the bride and groom. Parents of the bride and groom will propose a toast for their children wishing them the best in their new lives together. Next comes your remaining bridal party. Let them get creative with their speeches. Allow them to speak from the heart and share the memories they hold dear.


The Wedding Cake

Cutting the wedding cake together is another wedding ritual. This ritual symbolizes a couple as “unified.” Traditionally, the groom feeds the bride first, and then the bride feeds the groom. They can also feed one another simultaneously. A champagne toast can also be included before or after the cutting and feeding of the cake. (Cake face smashing anyone?)


First Dance

This is another sentimental moment that will mean a great deal to all the participants, especially the parents of the bride and groom. This is when the happy couple will dance together for the first time as husband and wife. The first “dance” is a symbol of your new life together and gives the parents of the bride and groom a chance to dance with the newlyweds.

Traditionally two dances take place with the parents: the father and daughter dance, followed by the mother and son dance. Obviously, you’ll want to put a lot of thought into the music that will be used at this special moment. It is best to choose a song that reflects the intimacy of your relationship to that parent.

If your family consists of stepparents as well as biological parents, you may want to include all parents. The entertainer can ask the biological father of the bride to join the bride on the dance floor and half way through have the stepfather step in to share the dance. Whatever choices you decide on, it’s important to communicate the plan to your DJ or MC, so that they can help make sure everything proceeds in a smooth manner.


Dance Party

No wedding would be complete without the dance party at the end. The purpose of open dancing is to allow the guests to celebrate with the newlyweds. A key piece of advice we as DJs can offer newlyweds is to create a successful dance music playlist for the guests to jam out to with you on the dance floor.

Remember that you are the nucleus of the party. Wherever you are is where your guests will be. Our DJs give you the option to pick as many songs as you desire for your dance party. If you are unable to decide or don’t have time, we can select songs we know as professionals will work. Often, it’s enough to provide a theme or certain styles of music that you want the DJ to follow.

Finally, rather than a full set list, you can provide the DJ with a list of a few songs that you definitely want played, along with a do not play list.

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Hiring the right entertainment can help alleviate that stress. The professionals at DJ Cutt Entertainment can do more than just play music. We can provide full lighting and sound equipment, videography, and more to make sure your special day is truly special.


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The Water Oasis A Little Summer Rain Won’t Stop A Good Wedding

The Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. There is no better example of this than a recent wedding I provided DJ services for locally.

The late summer wedding held at the beautifully scenic Water Oasis in Newberg Oregon was planned as an outdoor event. A gorgeous sprawl of seating and a running fountain welcomed family and friends from all over the country. Everything was set for a perfect day…until, like
clockwork here in the Northwest, the rain decided to fall.

It was at this point that guests and the marriage party could have started panicking. Having questions that anybody in this situation might have like “Is this going to go off as planned?”, “Will the dress get wet?”, and “Will the guests be warm?”.

Play Video

This is where hiring a professional with experience managing the finer details of hundreds of weddings really pays off. Owing to that preparation I spoke about earlier, we had planned ahead for just a situation. We quickly ushered guests into an indoor seating and dancing area that we had already staged in case the weather didn’t hold up. Sure we had to move some microphones and lighting, especially as the evening rolled in, but this was done seamlessly and our plan

The ceremony and the reception went off without a hitch. The newly married couple danced the night away celebrating with family and friends that had come together to honor them on this very special day marking their commitment to each other and the beginning of their lives together.


When you hire DJ Cutt Entertainment you get a guarantee that no matter what unplanned circumstances come along to spoil your big day, we will use our years of experience to meet any challenges head-on as we always have a backup plan. In this way, you can be sure that the wedding you planned will always be the wedding we deliver!

What better way to start a wedding than to say, “come what may, we prevail – together!”

Contact me for a quote on your wedding or event package and let me take care of the details.From my team to yours, I wish you the happiest of celebrations every step of the way

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Surfsand Hotel Wedding

A calming wind juxtaposes the turbulent waters along the sandy windswept shore of Cannon Beach Oregon. On this beautiful July summer day, TJ and Kirsten decided to dedicate themselves to each other for all time. We were there to capture the moment and all the small moments along the way that made this such a special event to be a part of.

Portland Wedding Photo Booth

Why you need a photobooth

3 Reasons Why Photo Booths are This Summer's Wedding Must-Have

Portland Wedding Photo Booth

3. They’re the Place to Meet Someone New at The Party

Weddings aren’t just a celebration of your love – they’re a celebration of love itself. There’s a high likelihood that your single friends are secretly hoping they might meet someone special at your big party, and sparking that perfect moment with a photo booth is one of the best ways to ensure that.

And it’s not just romantic relationships that might bud at your photo booth –  tons of friends and family who haven’t met each other will finally get to bond over their new outfits, mutual interests, and love of the newlywed couple.

You never know where you’ll meet your new best friend or even The One. Make your wedding the easiest place for that to happen. You might even get a shout out when the next happy couple can say they met at your wedding.

2. They’re a Chance to Throw in Fun Accessories

Crowns, mustaches, top hats, feather boas – and whatever else feels right – are the way to bring down any lingering feelings of stuffiness at the reception. Weddings can be very serious events, but they should also be fun and let folks who have may have just had a good cry find a place to laugh.
You can also use these locations as a place to show off your theme or something that represents how you and your partner fell in love. Did you meet at the beach? A sea-themed photo booth experience with pirate hats, sailor accessories, and a mermaid crown could be a shout out to where your story began. Both of you love the rodeo? Bring on the cowboy hats and lassos. This is your chance to poke a bit of fun at yourselves and invite others to find the joy and magic that brought you together.

1. Let the Guests Score Their Own Keepsakes

Sometimes weddings send people home with a weird shot-glass or t-shirt. Sure, it’s cute, but it’s not something that necessarily reminds people of what they enjoyed at the wedding – spending time with you and your loved ones. Photo Booths allow you to print a catchphrase and a date, or other information, on the bottom of the photos. They also let your friends and family share their photos up to their social media pages right away. These photos remind them forever of what they were celebrating and how it felt to be there. 

You’ll already have a professional wedding photographer wandering around gettign the candid shots. You’ll want the funnier moments of Aunt Cheryl blowing a kiss to her sister in a feather boa when it’s all said and done.